This is an ongoing project. I’m looking for my own shade of blue.
I recently visited the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo. I was drawn to Mamluk artefacts because of it's different shades of blue that are strong and captivating. These shades weren’t a mix of different colours but rather pigments found in nature. I found in the books “Secret lives of Colours” that Ancient Egyptians produced chemically their own shade of blue. While, the Greek and Roman cultures saw blue as a barbarian colour, Ancient Egyptians saw blue as a symbol for divine and serenity. I found, Joan Miro writing “Ceci est la couleur de mes rêves” (“this is the colour of my dreams”)” in his painting “peinture-poésie”. And, Picasso had a blue period between 1901 and 1904 where he painted using the colour of blue or green-blue. 
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